How many Teams do we have? 24

How many instructors do we have? 5

Who does our uniforms? Under Armour

Who does the field coaching? All clinics, camps and lessons are facilitated by paid coaches. Baseball -Teams that are 11 years old and under are all parent coaches teams- 12U and up are all lead by Paid Head Coaches with some parents helping in tyhe dugouts.  The Head Coach makes all final decisions on rosters and lineups.

Fastpitch- All paid coaches as Head Coaches on 14 year old teams and older.

What is our playing time philosophy? Playing time is earned.  Roster and schedules are made to be challenging and allow for all players on the roster to play and develop.  However in the large events/ games the players that are playing the best will be played.

How do we help with college recruiting? We do an exhaustive process with our players!!  All players that are on our 15U and older teams - we host a parent and player recruiting seminar.  It is an open forum with all of  our paid coaches (Who have all had college and or professional experience.) We provide a 10/35 Showcase that brings in 10 college coaches and only 35 players.  Each player leaves with a college coaches written evaluation.  Each player on our team recieves a TNP ($50 value) recruiting service profile.  This system allows for players to create a profile and email college coaches from that profile with all the most updated college coaches conatct information and phone numbers.  Role play with players making phone calls to college coaches- what should you say?  What should not say? 

What is our tryout process like? Its done by age group, mix between a pro tryout and position specific drills for evaluation. Its run by our professional coaches who evaluate each player and meet with the head coaches to make personnel decisions.  Every player at tryouts are evaluated.  No player makes any of our teams with out being evaluated by our professional coaches.  Each player will throw, hit, and field.  We will also put players through a fitness/ conditioning course for evaluation at the end of the tryout.  This is testing is much different than other tryouts that you see locally and regionally.  Our phyical testing is to evaluate physical strength, stamina and mental toughness.  These correlate in to perforamce on every level. 

New Facility- New 1.5 Million dollar 2 story facility in construction off Canton Road, available in May 2017. Separate field will part of the new complex along with store and sports training facility.

What should each age group be thinking about?


8/9U- at this age you need to be focused on developing as a player. At this stage of the game it needs to be fun for the player so they will continue to want to get better and stick with a failure game instead of becoming frustrated.


10U/11U/12U- At this age you need to be developing your skill set as much as possible and begin learning your swing and throwing mechanics so you don’t have to relearn your fundamentals at an older age.


13U/14U- These are the middle school years where some people have hit puberty and some haven’t. Baseball at this level has gotten much more competitive and is vital to getting to the next level in high school. Instruction and development are crucial for your technique as a player. You need to be playing as much baseball as possible to get used to the grind that awaits you later on.


15U/16U- At this stage you are an underclassman vying for a position on your high school team. This is your first exposure to being around a high school program and older players. Get used the speed of the game as fast as possible so you can get acclimated. Understand that you will be playing catch up and not be the most talented player on the field. Try to find your role as soon as you can and be great at one thing so you can prove you can do something well consistently. Consistency is key. Playing fast will help you stand out. Lock yourself into a weight room and don’t leave until you walk out a different person.


17U/18U- These are the college recruiting years. Go to as many tournaments, exposure camps, and play well during your high school season. By this time your body should be in peak shape; speed, size, strength. You want to look like the best player on the field as well as being the best player. College coaches are constantly giving the eyeball test to players trying to figure out what they are made of. They look at the player’s character, demeanor, talent, body language, etc.