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League us available for 10U  12U 14U 16U

Winter Arena League starts Jan 4th

We will only take 4 - teams per age group this first year!

Cost: 200 per team, OR $40 a person

We will have a plate umpire for all games!

Arena Softball Rules

1.          All Games are 45 min, finish the Inning OR 5 Innings.

2.        There is NO RUN RULE. 

3.        Home and Visitor will be determined by coin flip before game.

4.        Lineups must be submitted before game starts.

5.        Team with the most points wins game.

6.        Games may end in a tie.

7.         Winner of Age Division League will get their team’s money back.  ($200 for team)

8.        $200 per team, OR $40 a person. 

9.        “Pick-Up” players are $20/game EVEN if it is a pick-up from another team in the league.

10.    Champions will be determined by:

a.        Record

b.        Head to head

c.        Runs Allowed

d.        Runs Scored

Offensive Rules:

1.         Each batter will have a 1-1 count when at bat starts.

2.        There is NO BUNTING in Arena Softball.

3.        Teams will not be permitted to bat any more than 2 times through a lineup in one given inning.  (EACH GIRL CAN ONLY BAT TWICE IN ONE INNING!!!)

4.        Batting out of order results in an out.

5.        No team may have more than 5 batters in their lineup.

6.        Players must run to first.

7.         A team can score 1 of 3 ways.

a.        A walk which results in 1 point

b.        A Hit, where the defense does not throw the girl out at 1st. 

c.        Being hit by pitch results in 1 point. 

Defensive Rules:

1.         Each team must have a pitcher, catcher, and three fielders. (One must be a first baseman.) 

2.        3 outs end the half inning, OR the opposing team going through their lineup 2 complete times in one half-inning. 

3.        Balls may be played off of net.

4.        Balls that hit the net and are then caught result in an out.

5.        Defensive players cannot play in front of designated arc.  (It will be marked on the turf.)