Mark Smart - Troy University

"During my 25 years in college baseball, I have encountered many coaches of youth and amateur baseball and I’m convinced that Chance Beam is one of the elite coaches in the business. I have had a great relationship with him through the years and have always respected not only his outstanding knowledge but his passion and energy for the game of baseball. He is a relentless worker that has helped promote countless young players to a brighter future through his efforts. Chance is committed to the teaching and development process of every player in his program and his investment with every player is as genuine as I’ve seen in my career."

Sean Gibbs - Kansas City Royals Scout

"I am very excited for Chance in his new endeavor to bring quality instruction and tutelage to the youth baseball players of Atlanta. Chance has a wealth of knowledge in baseball and moreover on how to bring the best out in youth players. He has always done a great job communicating with myself, other coaches and scouts about the top players in the area which is a great asset. As a professional scout, I am very eager and excited to see the players that Chance will have come through his facility and program. As I know they will be well disciplined in the game of baseball and understand what they must do to attract the attention of the evaluators who are looking for the players that can compete at the next level of this game."